Mom-Daughter Dreams - Rancho La Puerta
Program Manager and Bike Guide / Jessica and Hannah Siler

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The Ranch has been an incredibly healing place for my family. My daughters and I have bonded and overcome tough times. There’s no better vacation to set aside technology and get in touch with yourself and those you love. It’s decadent to enjoy unstructured time with my kids. We each follow what we feel like doing in the moment.

–Lynne Harty, Photographer, Mother of Jessica and Hannah

Our Story

Jessica works for a Fortune 500 company in Manhattan. Hannah guides cyclists through the Arizona backcountry. Our mom is a photographer in our hometown of Asheville. We set aside our far-flung lives and take a week just for us. We relish the life-nourishing routine at the Ranch—rising and setting with the indomitable Baja California sun. As millennials, we’re excited to trade emojis for motion, moving our bodies with abandon. We pick from dozens of classes and some of the West’s best trails. We float, frolic, roam and piggyback down the mountain.


Our Casita for the Week

Sol 9

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Highlights of the Week

Jessica’s Dream Routine

Daybreak feels like a fairy tale as we ascend the mountain with the sun. The calm is a welcome contrast to my life in the Big Apple. All my senses are heightened in the sage and lavender-perfumed air. I can already taste my favorite breakfast ever—tacos stuffed with scrambled eggs and Pico de Gallo with grapefruit juice squeezed from the garden. I feel so awake and accomplished, the whole day stretched out like a bright idea.

Dining at The Ranch

Hannah’s Mountain Miles

As an endurance athlete, Mount Kuchumaa challenges my mettle. By mid-morning, I beeline back to the beautifully-manicured trails, enamored with the landscape. I dash along the velvety paths wondering “How do you get to the top of Kuchumaa?” There’s always another peak. I jog more than 40 miles during our week—the best running high ever! It’s said the indigenous Kumeyaay walked 100 miles to reach this exalted place. I fall into the spell of its raw beauty too.

Ranch Running Program

Jessica's Balance

My energy soars like the birds and I land in the ultimate strength-building class called TRX. Ranch instructors know the human body and make sure you exercise every muscle you’d long forgotten. After pushing, pulling and lifting my own weight, I head to yoga so I’m not too sore to repeat it all tomorrow! In the afternoon, mom, sis and I savor a sunbath at one of the sparkly, blue pools. We melt into a hot tub or sink into the spa. I’m in dreamland as my massage therapist slathers me with sweet orange and chamomile.

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Hannah's Tenacity

It’s a holistic experience to work your whole body in a wilderness setting and be spoiled silly by downhome luxury. My mind is clear, my body is alive, my heart is happy. I’m an outdoor adventurer, but there’s no pressure to push yourself at Rancho La Puerta. You’ll find sis and I scrambling over boulders, striking poses on a plateau and high fiving on a hilltop—my mom close behind with her camera!

Having a Pickleball

Family shenanigans ensue on the Pickleball court, thanks to a robust rivalry with our Ranch friends. We go to a lesson the first day and it becomes a daily obsession. Pickleball is a hybrid of badminton and tennis, which we affectionately call oversize ping pong. We do our best to distract our sportsmanly opponents with goofball maneuvers. From our hollers, you wouldn’t believe we’re just hitting a plastic ball with paddles. Our instructors are calm and collected. We’re freaking out the whole time. Very mature!

More Activities

Family of Foodies

Being foodies, we’re swooning over the homegrown extravagance of Tres Estrellas. We pick turnips the size of tennis balls and ramble through rows of leafy greens to our knees. Where else can you pluck fresh strawberries in December? Mom joins us for a cooking class at La Cocina Que Canta. We fill tamales with shrimp from local fishermen and veggies from The Ranch’s star gardeners. Our wine glasses clink as we gather round an aromatic table with fellow chefs. All three of us love to cook, but pineapple-banana leaf tamales supercharge our palate!

Visit the cooking school La Cocina Que Canta

Owl O’clock

Mom, sis and I retire to the bedazzling Bazaar del Sol for sunset happy hour and our family pastime of cards. We giggle over a game of Peanuts as day does its final dance through the valley. Having grown up with technology, we welcome the chance to silence our screens and tune into the wonders of the earth and each other. We’re tucked into our comfy beds with our books and the last firelight by eight o’clock, falling asleep to the owl song. We may be twenty-somethings but we’re the early bird special at The Ranch!

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