Guy’s Getaway - Rancho La Puerta
Property Manager / Tim Pauly

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I feel cradled at Rancho La Puerta. Everything is beautifully appointed. The staff is warm and friendly. Their care is apparent everywhere, in the accommodations, food, spa, landscaping and classes. It’s easy to say ‘I’m not going to worry about anything this week’ and just feel inspired.

My Story

The Ranch challenges my body with intense physical workouts and uplifts my mind with art, culture and conversation. I traverse Mt. Kuchumaa, climb a rope wall and bust martial arts moves. I take a watercolor class and play with imagination. Then off to the men’s spa for a eucalyptus steam and deep tissue massage. Evenings are whiled away with dazzling chamber concerts by world-renowned musicians. I follow the stars back to my casita where the linens are turned, the fireplace is laid and crickets are chirping.

My Casita for the Week

Flores 30

A lovely stroll from Pilates studio and vineyards, this rustic Ranchera for up to two guests includes two double beds and cozy lounging area.  Bright white-washed plaster walls offset the rich wood of charming natural oak ceilings. Find the perfect casita

Highlights of the Week

A Week of Wellbeing

After a new guest orientation, I realize I can create my own adventure. Activities range from gentle to demanding, all with an emphasis on well-being. I’m in the mood for bold exploration and start with a rigorous morning hike. Flowering gardens open to four thousand acres of wilderness. We quickly gain elevation and inhale clean mountain air. A band of painted lady butterflies leads us to a chaparral meadow. I’m overcome by the majesty of the land.

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Packing a Punch

I happen across the artsy Bazaar Del Sol lounge and stop for an organic espresso before cardio boxing. No matter that I’ve never tried martial arts. Alejandro teaches us pivots and strikes with precision. My heart is pumping. My energy is rising. I’m punching, kicking and jabbing. I get a solid hit and level my dummy. Booyah! I’m feeling emboldened and the week has just begun.

Men's fitness program...

Ranch Comradery

There’s nothing like satiating a well-earned appetite with tasty, farm-to-table food. Meals are a time to connect with guests who are eager to share tables and conversation. I aim to be as authentic as I can, saying hello, joking with staff and pausing to listen. People respond in kind. I make a new friend named Malcolm, also here for the first time. We hit the cardio circuit and toast turmeric smoothies at the farm-to-juice bar. It doesn’t take long before I feel connected to the people in my cohort and a genuine sense of belonging.

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Playing with Color

With my body well-tended, I engage my artistic side with intuitive ink drawing. There are only six of us in the class and the teacher puts us at ease. This is about imagination and play rather than rigorous technique. We hold brush markers and let our hands explore the page. Mine reveals a fuzzy, bear-like creature that I recognize as a part of myself. In a world where we so often consume, it’s vital to create. I bring my painting home to remind me.

More Activities

Evening Enchantment

Dinner is delectable: pesto shrimp with creamy zucchini noodles and a vibrant conversation for eight. I stroll to Oaktree pavilion for an intimate chamber concert. The musicians are skilled and passionate. They’ve played in New York’s Carnegie Hall and the St. Petersburg Philharmonic. Yet we’re in this beautiful, octagonal space with a stone fireplace and windows all around. I notice inner workings that wouldn’t be detectable in a big orchestra—the clarinetist’s breath between notes and a violinist’s foot keeping rhythm. It’s enchanting to be bathed by Brahms before bedtime, the finale to a perfect day.

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