Why Come To The Ranch?

Whenever your inner voice says, “I need a vacation and perhaps even a new beginning,” Rancho La Puerta welcomes you with a program, a setting, and a group of fellow guests that are joyously unforgettable.

Come explore all the possibilities with us…

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Sipping tea on the garden patio of your villa, you notice a bejeweled beam of warm morning sunlight filtered through a jar of local honey.

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Feeling your body really moving again on a morning hike, you pass through a nave of oak trees that opens onto a mountain cathedral of boulders, a gently waving robe of purple blooms, and two cawing acrobats—black ravens riding the rising breezes.

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Spreading a yoga mat on the hardwood floor, you follow the soothing commands of an instructor so experienced, so intuitive, and so responsive to her students’ moods that an hour shortens to what seems like minutes.

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Sitting down to three meals over the course of the day, you marvel at so many vivid colors, crispness and flavors that they seem to jump off the plate with organic farm-to-table vitality.

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Walking the garden path to a lecture or concert after dinner, you marvel at the week’s lineup of presenters: a chief art historian at the National Gallery in D.C…a filmmaker and her son who have chronicled public markets in over 60 countries…a dancer whose specialty is breathing…a flautist who recently performed for several heads of state. The Ranch is not unlike a university with an extraordinary continuing education program. And every week, it changes completely.

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At the end of day, back in your Villa, you sink into the cool sheets and reach for a good book, with one last look at the fine examples of Mexican folk art on the walls and shelves, and perhaps the last flames of a crackling fire, while outside your window, the Milky Way blankets the night sky over the treetops.

This is the Rancho La Puerta experience…but only a fraction of it.

The Ranch provides a setting for change and renewal, and we hand the keys to you. The day’s choices are all yours to make…and many are wonderful to behold. Be sure to consider them all as equally important: food, nutrition, exercise, rest and relaxation, education, expression… and above all, taking in the beauty of our untrammeled natural world that welcomes you “home again” to your true, rested, and reenergized self.


Embrace Your Life. Start Today.
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