Why Come to The Ranch?

Whenever your inner voice says, “I need a vacation,” Rancho La Puerta welcomes you with a program, a setting, and a group of fellow guests that are joyously unforgettable.   Here’s why we think you will love The Ranch:  

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Immerse yourself in a peaceful oasis of tranquility set in the heart of a 4,000-acre nature preserve. The Ranch’s natural beauty, lush landscaping, and warm atmosphere gently encourages you to let go.

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Energize naturally…in your choice of 50+ daily fitness classes.  Start your morning on a guided sunrise hike, stretch out in a yoga class, and then flow with the music in Zumba®. The Ranch offers everything from HIIT to water workouts to trail running.

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Completely relax at the spa. The healing touch of our expert spa therapists will enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing. 


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Practice mindfulness.  Our guided meditation, sound healing, and inner journey classes encourage you to turn inward, regroup, and contemplate. Here you will ‘unplug’ from the world and focus on yourself.

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Take a variety of enriching classes. Learn how to yarn paint, attend a nutrition workshop, and be inspired by a motivational speaker. And, perhaps you’ll sharpen your cooking skills in a hands-on-cooking class at the organic farm.

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Savor three farm-fresh spa meals each day. Our healthy farm-to-table cuisine will jump off the table with its vivid colors, crispness, and flavors.

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Hailed as the “world’s friendliest spa,” Rancho La Puerta Fitness Resort and Spa is an ideal retreat for solo travelers, friends, and couples. The Ranch fosters new and fulfilling connections.

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Our private and spacious accommodations are furnished with wood burning fireplaces and lush garden patios.

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One week can change
your life!


This is the Rancho La Puerta experience…but only a fraction of it.

The Ranch provides a setting for change and renewal. The day’s choices are all yours to make…and many are wonderful to behold. Be sure to consider them all as equally important: food, nutrition, exercise, rest and relaxation, education, expression… and above all, taking in the beauty of our untrammeled natural world that welcomes you “home again” to your true, rested, and re-energized self.