Live as much as possible in the open air, stay as short a time as possible in stuffy places, and avoid unhealthy smells as far as you can.

Edmond Szekely, “Cosmos, Man and Society,” 1936

Hikes & Walks

All hikes are guided and traverse various areas of our 3,000-acre property, from meadows and streamsides to high up into the boulder-garden foothills of Mt. Kuchumaa, where the red-tails and ravens soar.

Note: Hiking boots or hiking shoes with lugged tread are strongly recommended on all mountain hikes.



Afternoon Hike

Join us for a beautiful and moderately paced mid-afternoon hike. These hikes are offered from approximately November through March, and the routes vary weekly.

Dove Meditation Hike Moderate 1.2 Miles

A little over a mile long, this silent hike gently climbs the first ridge of our mountains to a lovely meditation area. It then winds back down to Kuchumaa Passage, leaving hikers another time for reflection. A great introduction to the mountain.

Seven Mile Mountain Breakfast Hike

Mountain Hike: 7 Mile River Breakfast Advanced (Sign up)

A group-paced hike of 3½ hours over steep, rugged terrain—3.5 miles out, stop for breakfast, and 3.5 miles back. Breakfast is provided in a daypack. Sign-up required. “Pilgrim” or “Professor’s” hikes are a prerequisite.

Alex’s Oak Trail

Mountain Hike: Alex’s Oak 2 Miles

A 2-mile hike climbing about 350 feet in elevation to Alex’s Oak before looping back down.

Coyote Hike

Mountain Hike: Coyote Advanced Option of 5.5 or 4 Miles

A 5.5-mile strenuous hike winding up the mountain between the Pilgrim and the Professor routes and then looping back along the flanks of Mt. Kuchumaa. Elevation gain of 800+ feet. (This hike offers a 4-mile option.)

Mountain Hike: 7.5 Mile Kuchumaa Breakfast Advanced

Mountain Hike: Mt. Kuchumaa Extreme Breakfast 7.5 Miles (Sign up)

“Mt. Kuchumaa Extreme Breakfast 7.5 Miles” (offered November – March; 4 person minimum)
Challenge yourself to steep climbs and rugged terrain on this scenic mountain hike. Travel four and a half miles to the U.S. border, savor a well-deserved breakfast, and enjoy a three mile return. Please join only if you are comfortable with physical exertion and have prior hiking experience.

Mountain Hike Pilgrim Trail

Mountain Hike: Pilgrim Challenging 3.5 Miles

A 3.5-mile mountain hike up the Pilgrim Trail (700 ft. gain) and returning downhill via the Professor’s Trail.

Mountain Hike (Professor’s Trail)

Mountain Hike: Professor’s Challenging 3.5 Miles

A 3.5-mile loop mountain hike over moderately steep terrain with a 700 ft. elevation gain.

Raven Hike

Mountain Hike: Raven Advanced Option of 4.5 or 3.5 Miles

A 4.5 mile strenuous mountain hike with an initial one mile climb followed by ups and downs before a progressive climb before the final descent. (3.5 mile option)

Organic Garden Breakfast Hike

Organic Garden Breakfast Hike Moderate 4 Miles (Sign up)

A 4-mile round trip trek over rolling hills to La Cocina Que Canta, our culinary center and organic farm. Enjoy a garden breakfast, followed by a garden tour with our resident horticulturist. If you don’t wish to walk, transportation to La Cocina Que Canta is offered one day during the week and may be arranged through the concierge. (Back by 9 a.m.)

Please sign up at the Main Lounge.

Quail Two Hike

Quail Hike: Level 1 (2 Miles)

A 2-mile lowland hike over undulating terrain; also a perfect hike for someone who is not quite ready for the mountain or would like to have a lighter hiking day. Optional .5-mile hill to base of mountain.

Woodlands Hike

Woodlands Hike Moderate 2 Miles

A 2-mile lowland hike meandering through the river basin among the oaks; great for beginners or those wishing to pace themselves for a full day of exercise. (Sometimes offered as a silent hike)

Woodlands Meditation Hike

A 2-mile lowland meditation hike meandering through the river basin among the oaks; great for those wishing to gain balance for a full day of exercise.


Art Walk

Art Walk

Join our resident artist for a walking tour that highlights some of the museum-quality Mexican folk art and contemporary sculptures on display throughout the Ranch.

Bird Walk

Bird Walk

A guided stroll during which you’ll identify and learn about local and migrating birds of the season. Binoculars provided.



We provide the binoculars. The birds provide the show! The Ranch is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with 160 species seen on what might you call our property’s “life list.” Some of the more noted or unusual (at least for this area) species seen at the Ranch include Zone-tail Hawk, Downy Woodpecker. Varied Thrush, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Hepatic Tanager, Brown Thrasher (the first sighting ever in Baja California occurred here from November 2008 to May 2009. Some common Ranch birds that are not widespread in North America include California Thrasher, Nuttall’s Woodpecker, Oak Titmouse, Wrentit, and Hutton’s Vireo.

For complete details on our birdwatching programs, click here.

Landscape Garden Walk

Landscape Garden Walk

Tour the central grounds with our naturalist and learn about the historic, practical, and aesthetic reasons for the Ranch’s xeriscape (low-water-use) gardens.

Mexican Folk Art and Sculpture Walk

Join our resident artist for a walking tour that highlights some of the museum-quality Mexican folk art and contemporary sculptures on display throughout the Ranch.

Nature Walk

Nature Walk

Take an easy stroll to learn about native plants, wild flowers, geology, and the ecosystems surrounding the Ranch. Learn how indigenous Baja people used their habitat for food, medicine, tools, shelter, and ceremony.


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