Rancho La Puerta’s Guest Activities and Fitness Team

Nationally certified instructors make up Rancho La Puerta’s Guest Activities and Fitness Team, and each has several specialties, such as yoga, postural therapy and cardio. These are not the hardcore, intimidating teachers you might find at your neighborhood gym – our instructors have at least five years of teaching experience and bring fitness and wellness together to help you improve your whole being.

Susana Moore
Specialty: Sound Healing & Meditation
Phyllis Pilgrim
Specialty: Yoga & Meditation
Nathan Briner
Specialty: Posture & Yoga
Mike Bee
Specialty: Strength & Dance
Maya Griggs
Specialty: Yoga
Marcos Landavazo
Specialty: Tennis
Manuel Velazquez
Specialty: Dance & Strength
Manuel Hernandez
Specialty: Hiking
Jose Luis Beltran
Specialty: Fitness Team Manager
Jill Thiry
Specialty: Guest Activities
Jennifer De Marco
Specialty: Strength, Yoga & Running
Jennifer Brandt
Specialty: Art
Hazel Stricker
Specialty: Yoga & Hula Hoop
Ethan Carter
Specialty: Pilates & Functional Fitness
Denise Roa
Specialty: Executive Chef Rancho La Puerta & La Cocina Que Canta
Denise Dobrzenski
Specialty: Pilates
Connie Bennett
Specialty: Cardio & Strength
Coco Bennett
Specialty: Strength & Cardio
Cathleen Murakami
Specialty: Pilates and GYROTONIC®
Barry Shingle
Specialty: Director of Guest Relations and Programming
Barbara Abrahams
Specialty: Ranch Nurse
Alejandro Valencia
Specialty: Cardio and Strength

Fitness Concierge
A fitness staff member acts as your concierge when they tour the dining room and patios during lunch to answer your fitness questions and provide expert help in charting a week-long personal program. You will also learn more about your week’s special offerings and unique schedule during a Guest Reception early in the week. Be sure to take the Ranch Orientation & Tour if you’re a new guest, or haven’t been at the Ranch in a few years.


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